Custom Panel Displays Covers for various size displays. These can ve installed in any Steel box, such as Hoffman or Rittal, or other manufacturers. ITSI can do custom orders with your logo, and small or large quantity orders.

ITSI Cover A ITSI Cover B  Cover F


X-Large  Large  Medium  Small   (Deep Version Available) 1 1/2" Deep
OD: 18 1/4L x 12 3/4H x 3/4D  OD: 15 3/4L x 11 7/8H x 3/4D  OD: 13 1/2L x 10H x 3/4D  OD: 10L x 7 3/4H x 3/4D 
ID: 15.875" x 12.5" ID:  13.5" x 11.75" ID: 10.875" x 10"  ID: 8.375" x 7.5"   (Deep ID:) 8.375" x 7.5"

Dimensions are Length x Height x Depth
OD = Outside Dimensions ID = Inside Dimension
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