25th Anniversary
At Insight Technical Services, Inc. we are celebrating our 25th Anniversary of providing unparalleled design, manufacturing, installation and service. We want to thank all of our customers through the years, and a special thank you to every employee that makes ITSI the success that it is. We couldn’t do it without them.

Solar Rack Updates
ITSI has developed a secure a heavy duty, solar rack designed for a multitude of various  applications.  The original design accommodated up to eight batteries in the base and one additional two battery side car to be added. We have now added a new ten battery solar rack that can accommodate up to fourteen batteries, with an addition of two side cars.

Each rack is configurable and can be used to add side devices, such as a control box, or other items. We have stanchions that can be added to build a panel rack that connects to the Solar Rack.

The Solar Rack also has been developed with a locking mechanism to help deter battery theft. The lock is contained in an enclosed area that prevents the use of bolt cutters or other means of cutting the lock.

Solar Rack Design Specifications

  • 12 and 24VDC configurations available
  • Solar is sizeable to meet each battery configuration
  • 8 Battery Rack
  • 8 Battery Rack with 1 sidecar (2 battery addition)
  • 8 Battery Rack with 2 sidecars (4 battery addition)
  • 10 Battery Rack
  • 10 Battery Rack with 1 sidecar (2 battery addition)
  • 10 Battery Rack with 2 sidecars (4 battery addition)