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Insight offers a variety of Automation Services ranging from custom automation engineering and design, custom PLC programming, SCADA design and programming, product manufacturing, installation of field automation equipment, field service, calibrations, troubleshooting and repair.

Insight Technical Services is a UL508A and a UL698A Certified Manufacturing Facility.

Engineering and Design

  • Product Engineering and Design
  • Full Site Automation Design
  • Custom PLC Programming
  • New Product Design
  • SCADA Design and Implementation


  • Custom Panel Manufacturing
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Solar Panel Assembly
  • Other manufacturing services

Installation, Service, and Support

  • Full Site Automation Installation
  • Installation of ITSI Manufactured Equipment
  • Installation of other Related Automation Equipment
  • Measurement Services
  • Radio Design, Installation, and Service
  • Full System Support


Insight has a wide variety of available products, plus we offer customization of these products to best suit your needs, or we can help you develop a solution specific to your needs. ITSI offers canned solutions or can engineer and develop any solution that you need.

The Battery-Pack is a Tank Battery monitoring package that is offered in three different packages, for different tank monitoring applications. The differences are in the size of the tank battery facilities, number of tanks on location, and some of the local features required on location, which will vary per location. Although we do offer base unit products, we do offer customization to fit a particular need.

Lact-Pack is a Lact and Tank Battery monitoring package that is designed to interface with Lact systems and provide automated tank control of production from the tanks to the lact. The Lact-Pack provides manual or automatic modes and prioritization control.
It gives you complete control of how you want to produce from your tanks to your act facility. The Lact-Pack can provide on site facility information as well such as tank levels, well information, burner information, and other site information. the Lact-Pack provides automated tank in-flow control, by providing the ability to control valves on the in-flow side of the tanks, setting the production tank, and the priority production schedule. This can work in conjunction with the out-flow control valves in the same unit.  Call for more information

The Compressor-Pack is a full compressor control panel that can replace an old tattle-tail type panel on an existing compressor, or be customtized for a new compressor. There are multiple models of Compressor-Packs, one designed for most single stage compressors, and a second for multi-stage compressors. We also have the Compressor-Pack VRU for Vapor Recovery Applications. The advantage of the Compressor-Pack over other compressor monitoring and control panels is that it is can also be designed to monitor and control other functions at a wellhead or other facility location. We do also offer customization to fit a particular need.

The Solar-Rack is a heavy duty solar rack and secure battery box. It comes in multiple configurations from an eight battery box that can support up to two 200 watt panels, and eight 120 amp batteries, that can hold ten 120 amp batteries and additional solar. Each rack has side mounts for additional batteries, attaching equipment boxes, or other uses. Each box has a secured lock cage to help prevent battery theft. These are manufactured with heavy steel and powder coated to last many years. This is your solution for well location and facility power solutions.

Other products
ITSI offers an array of automation products that integrate into our products or can be used stand-alone in your existing systems. This includes solutions for almost any need in the oil field and other applications. We offer Gas Flow Meters, PLCs, Oil Flow Meters, Water Flow Meters, Pressure Transmitters, Tank Level Sensors, Valve Actuators, Radios, and more. ITSI is a direct product representative for Oleumtech and Electrolab level sensors and XETA radio systems.


27 Years and Going Strong
At Insight Technical Services, Inc. we have been providing
unparalleled design, manufacturing, installation and service. We work hard to be the industry leader in design and quality. We want to thank all of our customers through the years, and a special thank you to every employee that makes ITSI the success that it is. We couldn’t do it without them.

Vapor Recovery Unit Control Panels
ITSI has developed a line of Vapor Recovery Unit control panels that are used with a number of different manufactures, such as SCS Techologies, AGI Industries, Air Mac and others. We design and develop these panels to  meet the specifications of each manufacturer for each of their customers. We are not tied down to any specific PLC or other automation equipment. We can design any panel to meet any application as specified by your customer.

Solar Systems
ITSI has developed a secure a heavy duty, solar rack designed for a multitude of various  applications.  The original design accommodated up to eight batteries in the base and one additional two battery side car to be added. We have now added a new ten battery solar rack that can accommodate up to fourteen batteries, with an addition of two side cars.

Each rack is configurable and can be used to add side devices, such as a control box, or other items. We have stanchions that can be added to build a panel rack that connects to the Solar Rack.

The Solar Rack also has been developed with a locking mechanism to help deter battery theft. The lock is contained in an enclosed area that prevents the use of bolt cutters or other means of cutting the lock.

Solar Rack Design Specifications

  • 12 and 24VDC configurations available
  • Solar is sizeable to meet each battery configuration
  • 8 Battery Rack
  • 8 Battery Rack with 1 sidecar (2 battery addition)
  • 8 Battery Rack with 2 sidecars (4 battery addition)
  • 10 Battery Rack
  • 10 Battery Rack with 1 sidecar (2 battery addition)
  • 10 Battery Rack with 2 sidecars (4 battery addition)

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